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  • Edmond Lau

Look for self-evident result! 每一堂聲樂課都應該有不言而喻的進步


據他們的分享,他們花了不少時間和金錢,到不同地方「取經」,或是自學,結果失望和灰心。不論花了數十年或者數十萬,仍然未能夠很有信心過那個「轉音區」(1st bridge)。


Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to meet so many of you, especially the 1st time students, during the promotion period.

Many of you have shared that you have spent many years and ten of thousands of dollars on learning to sing, or on self-learning, but still have no idea nor confidence on how to sing in the 1st bridge. You were depressed, discouraged and wanted to give up.

I want to encourage you that it doesn’t have to be the case. A good teacher with the vocal truth should be able to help you feel progress in EVERY lesson. You yourself will feel that you are improving and so as the people around you. If you are like those first-time students I met for the last two months, I encourage you to try out different singing methods and consider changing your teacher. Life is short, especially for those of you who enjoy singing or rely on your voice in your vocation.

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