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  • Edmond Lau

You Will be Critized! 您會被批評!

We all are afraid of being critized. You WILL be critized, if you sound like the great singers you like, like Ella Fitzgerald or Aretha Franklin. You will be critized for using a nasty, hard chesty mix - the commercial sound of the world. It is not what people hear in the traditional churches, because it is not a sweet, little sound. The sweet, little sound is OK, but it will not get you to where you want to go. If you want to do anything you want to do, your sound has to get commercial from the point of view of the world, not just in Hong Kong/China. You've got to get it out there, and on and on, and on refining it, to make it natural to you. You've got to keep using it.

我們所有人都害怕被人批評。如果您自己的歌聲像你喜歡的偉大歌手,例如Ella Fitzgerald或Aretha Franklin,您就會被批評。您會因使用令人討厭的,硬朗的混音而受到批評。這世界各地都欣賞的商業聲音,不是人們在傳統教堂中聽到的聲音,因為它不是一種甜美悅耳的小聲音。悅耳的小聲音是可以的,但它無法將您帶到您想要去的地方。如果您想達成自己願望,做自己想做的事情,那麼您的聲音就必須從世界的角度進發,變得更商業化,而不僅僅只把目光放在香港或內地。您的歌聲必須是不斷地令人討厭的,硬朗的混音,並不斷完善它。您必須不斷繼續使用它,以使其對您變成自然。

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